About Us

It is a closed joint stock company according to Ministerial Resolution No. (271 / s) dated 20/08/1430 AH. The group is distinguished by its

ability to meet the needs of consumers in the Kingdom by providing high quality furniture, good taste, and prices that suit everyone.

We cater to the needs of our clients from classic and modern home furnishing including bedrooms, living, dining, children's rooms, sofas, accessories, antiques and paintings.


The Global Group is also proud to have many experiences for more than forty years in the furniture trade, enabling it to know the consumer needs in the Saudi market and its general taste, and thus the interaction and response to these needs with the ability to find a balance between quality and price with the aim of always providing the best to the consumer and obtaining satisfaction .


Hello and welcome to Global Group for Commercial and Industrial Investment Group, as the group specializes in furniture and interior design in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh - Jeddah - Khobar - Al-Qassim).

Global Group is your first choice in the world of home furniture fairs and integrated interior design services.


You can find in our galleries a large number of high-quality furniture items in addition to a group of professional designers and ornamental specialists who can help you in researching and collecting different pieces in addition to providing consultations about creating different atmospheres in the space that you have.

Global Group also provides design services from buying furniture and textiles to the finer details of drawings and specifications in addition to the presence of more than two hundred lines of furniture in our exhibitions, and we encourage you to let the professional team of creative designers help to design the place of your life.


As we are influenced by history and art, we focus on providing a classic and modern lifestyle to our customers, we offer a funky product for high-quality furniture and home accessories while ensuring that there are the highest artistic values.


In addition to providing professional assistance for how to coordinate the laying of the room at home. Global Group for Commercial and Industrial Investment for Furniture and Interior Design will guide you to the furniture and accessories that suit your home and your lifestyle.


Global Group for Commercial and Industrial Investment for Furniture and Interior Design did a research to study the personal opinion of clients on how life looks at home, how it looks and how it lives, because each of us has his personal opinion, and in an ongoing effort to provide the full answer, Global Investment Group has brought together a number of brands to choose from , And each of these brands has been developed and designed with great care to offer a lifestyle that fits in line with the personality of each customer.


You will find at Global Group for Commercial and Industrial Investment for Furniture and Interior Design the largest and most sophisticated Global agencies from all over the world, which will change your home to the dream paradise that you desire, and we invite you to spend a little time to explore our daily and always new offers.


Skilled craftsmen at Global Group for Commercial and Industrial Investment for Furniture continue to manual production of goods and upholstery from the available materials in other parts of the world in addition to providing the opportunity for customers to possess superior quality at an appropriate cost, and part of our products is imported from abroad, and all import decisions are taken with a view to enhancing skills The technical staff of our workers all over the world in order to produce elegant products of the highest value.


Providing the finest models and presenting them to our valued customers at the cost that suits them, while providing the highest quality, the lowest price, the most luxurious furniture and the after-sales service to suit all personal tastes.