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Acceptance of contract terms: jurisdiction

When you enter, browse or use the site, you agree to abide by these terms and all applicable laws, regulations, and regulations. The website may only be used by legally qualified persons to enter into binding contracts under applicable laws and applicable. Global  Commercial Furniture Company reserves the right to cancel your registration and not allow you to enter the website in the event that Global Commercial Furniture Company discovers that you are not legally eligible to contract under the applicable laws and in force in the assets. It is not possible to access the website of persons who have been suspended or canceled by the International Furniture Company for any reason. Persons who have chosen to access this website from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are responsible for strict compliance with and compliance with applicable and applicable local laws.

Global Furniture Company delivers and delivers products within the jurisdiction of which the product is sold through Global Furniture Company, and does not assume responsibility for any claims related to any products ordered outside of its jurisdiction. You undertake with absolute legal discretion to accept the terms of use of these websites on your own behalf or on behalf of those you represent. The use of this site is not authorized in any jurisdiction and does not apply the terms and conditions of use of these websites including but not limited to this paragraph.

Please do not use the site if you do not agree to these terms and conditions.

The site is fully and partially controlled and operated by Global Furniture Group through its offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Once you enter the website, you agree to apply the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and you agree that any lawsuit shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For people who enter the site from other places this is at their own risk, and they also abide by applicable local laws. Alamee Furniture does not make any representations regarding the suitability or availability of the website's content for use in any jurisdiction. Global Furniture Company disclaims all responsibility with respect to the content and reserves the right to amend or remove any content as it sees it and considers it inconsistent with local customs, culture and ethical principles or violates any applicable regulations or regulations, and it may suspend or cancel your use of the website if it deems this use inappropriate. When using the site, you are responsible for the confidentiality of account details including the password. Global Furniture does not assume any responsibility towards any person for any losses or damages resulting from your failure to protect your password or account.

Copyright, intellectual property and restrictions on the use of the content

As Global Furniture Group provides the information on this site to anyone, it reserves the copyright and intellectual property rights for each text and graphic image. By accepting the terms and conditions of using the site This website states that after you have been notified by Global Furniture that the website content, texts and images are protected in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and internationally by a set of laws including, but not limited to, copyright laws and treaty provisions, trademark law and other property rights laws ( Collectively, "rights"). In addition to Global Furniture Group’s rights to the individual elements of the content, Global Furniture Group or its licensors own the copyright to choose, coordinate and arrange the content.

It is granted permission to access the content from the site in whole or in part, (as well as except as otherwise stated or provided by Global Furniture, printing only one copy of the information for personal use) but only for viewing and browsing the site. It is also granted a permit to store files on your computer for personal use or reference electronic text documents on the site from your own documents for personal use to view and browse the website or request products or services from it. However, these permits are automatically canceled if you violate any of the terms and conditions of use of the site.

Global Furniture Group does not grant you any permission or permission to use the content except as expressly stated in these terms of use of the websites. Any other use of the content from this website including but not limited to modifying, posting, broadcasting, posting, participating in transferring sales or copies, creating derivative works, distribution or performance, displaying or merging into another website or copying the site (if Through linking, framing, drafting, or any other method), 'mirroring' of the site, or using any content in one way or another, in whole or in part, or downloading or repeatedly using the software for unauthorized uses is prohibited without the express written consent of a group Universal Furniture.

The site may occasionally provide opportunities for users to post their opinions, other comments, questions, suggestions or other information (“user content”) on or through this website, by email, phone, or as originally disclosed. You hereby undertake that this user content you provide to the website is original (and does not violate the intellectual property rights of others) and give Global Furniture a free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, transferable and absolute license to use this user content, however Global Furniture Group wishes, for example but not limited to , By copying, amending, or completely removing, approving, publishing, translating, creating derivative works, / selling and / or distributing this user content and / or merging this user content with any form, medium or technology around the world without reference to you and hereby waiving No rights related to this user content. You agree not to post any content that violates ethical principles, defamation, or incitement that violates intellectual property rights or may otherwise violate public etiquette, discredit the Global Group furniture group, or be in conflict with the law.

The Global Group may use, resubmit, disclose, change, approve or create works derived from publishing, displaying and distributing any user content you provide for any purpose without restriction and without compensation to you in any way. Global Group furniture is not obligated and will not be obligated regarding (1) maintaining the confidentiality of any user content (2) paying to a user any compensation for any user content or (3) responding to any user content. You agree not to violate any user content you provide The website has terms and conditions for using the website or any right of any third party including but not limited to copyright, trademark, privacy or other personal rights or intellectual property rights and not to cause harm to any person or entity. You also agree that any user content you provide to the website does not contain defamatory, illegal, threatening or immoral material or contains software viruses, political campaigns, solicitation of commercial offers, chain messages, messages to the public, or any "spam" content

Global Furniture does not periodically review published user content, but reserves the right (but not the obligation) to monitor, edit, or remove any user content submitted to the website. Global Furniture is granted the right to use the name you provide regarding any user content. You agree not to use a pass-through email address or impersonate any person, entity or otherwise mislead as to the origin of any User Content you provide. You bear full responsibility for the content of any user content you provide and agree to indemnify Global Furniture and its subsidiaries for all claims resulting from any user content you provide. Global Furniture Group and its subsidiaries bear no responsibility and accept no obligation for user content provided by you or any third party.

Price and content restrictions

The website contains promotional information and programs. The products described on this website contain specific market specifications and are offered for sale specifically in that market. Promotional programs, if any or any of them are described on this site, are only available in the markets where they were implemented as specifically referred to in the program description.

The price information advertised or counterfeited through this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute any offer to sell related products. Prices and availability of products are subject to change without prior notice. For distributors' products, actual prices and terms and conditions of sale are determined by the authorized distributor / agent of the products in question.

Global Furniture reserves the right, as it deems appropriate, to determine the quantity of products and purchases of each person or family or request.

Trademarks and service marks

Global Furniture and other trademarks such as the names of the products and services found on the website (collectively 'trademarks') are owned by Global Furniture, its subsidiaries, suppliers, business partners or third-party intermediaries registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and / or Somewhere else or not registered. Nothing in the website should be construed as granting, by implication, judgment, or otherwise any license or right to use any of the trademarks displayed on the site, without the written permission of the owner of the relevant trademark. can not be Use of trademarks in any form, including for the purposes of advertising or publicity related to the distribution of products on the site, without the prior written permission of Global Furniture.

Privacy, presentation and collection of information

There are cases in which Global Furniture requests personal identification data "information" from the site's users to provide them with a service or correspondence (promotions and marketing brochures via e-mail). Information such as name, postal address, e-mail address, type of request and possibly other additional information is collected and stored in a manner appropriate and appropriate to the nature of the data by Global Furniture Group and is used to fulfill and fulfill your request. Although Global Furniture makes every effort to ensure safe collection and safe transmission of sensitive user data using an industry that accepts data collected and the use of cryptographic methodologies, Global Furniture Group does not guarantee the security of any of this information sent to or from the website or data Obtained from the use of the website. The information you provide and the data collected by Global Furniture are used to improve the services we provide you. You hereby grant Global Furniture an absolute, irrevocable, unrestricted and royalty-free permit to use, republish, display, perform, modify, transfer and distribute any information you send, and you agree that Global Furniture is fully free to use any ideas, concepts, experience, or techniques that you send to Universal furniture for any purpose.

"Information" is treated in accordance with the Privacy and Security Policy. Please see the Privacy and Security Policy posted on the website.

Prohibited behavior

Posting or transmitting to and from the site any illegal material, threat, defamation, defamation, or obscene, obscene, inflammatory, pornographic or profane material, or any material that may cause any civil or criminal legal liability under the law is prohibited. Agree to (1) not to use the site to upload, download, or distribute in any way any files that contain viruses, corrupt files, or any similar software or programs that could cause damage or damage to the operation of another's computer (2) not to interfere or disable the site, or Any networks connected to the site (3) not to use any hardware or software or attempt to interfere with the workflow on the site or any deals or transactions being offered on the site (4) not to use the site to collect or export personal information, including for example no The inventory, financial information about any of the other participants on this site (5) not to use the services or Ntjat associated with the site for any illegal purposes (6) and complying with all laws, regulations, policies and procedures or networks related to the website.

Disclaimer of Warranty

Global Furniture does not provide any warranty or undertaking regarding the use, health, accuracy or reliability of the website, the content or the content of any other website linked to the website. The content of the site is provided (as is) without any warranties of any kind, either express or implied, according to which you agree to use it at your own risk. According to the laws in force and in force, Global Furniture Group does not bear the slightest implicit or explicit responsibility, including but not limited to the implied warranties of the promotion or fitness for a specific purpose or goal or lack of imitation or any other guarantee related to the violation of the rights of a third party with respect to the site or The content, privacy and security policy, or any products, goods, or services available on the website, your use of the site or its content, or any products, goods, or services available on the site.

Global Furniture Group has the right to amend or withdraw the content, in whole or in part, at any time without any notice. Global Furniture Group may at any time review the terms and conditions for the use of this website by updating this post. By using the site, you agree to be bound by any of these amendments and revisions, and you expressly agree to visit this page periodically to view the terms and conditions of the current site usage terms you adhere to. You acknowledge that the use of the website without periodically reviewing the terms of use of the website is at your personal risk.

Evacuation responsibilaty

To the maximum extent permitted by the applicable laws, Global Furniture furnishes responsibility for any obligation in respect of any losses, damages, costs, or expenses of any nature and how they arise including any direct, indirect, general, special, penal or incidental loss, or loss or damage caused From that, data loss, loss due to a virus, loss of income, loss of profit, other loss, or damage (including costs and expenses) of any nature (even if we were informed of the possibility of such loss or damage), caused by or in connection with the website Content, security and privacy policy, or any products, trade, or services Abundance on the website or your use of the website or its content or any products or services available on the site.

Applicable law

These terms of use and the relationship between you and Global Furniture are subject to the laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and you agree that the courts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall be the competent judicial authority to adjudicate any disputes arising from this and waive any objections related to the place of jurisdiction.