Delivery and installation


1. The customer must notify the company at least 48 hours in case of wanting to amend the receipt date by contacting customer service. Accordingly, the company has every right to set another date, according to its absolute discretion, according to the schedule of delivery dates. Note that the date may not be changed more than three times.


2. In the event that the customer does not receive the contents of the invoice within 30 days thirty days from the date of its issuance, the invoice is automatically canceled and the company has the absolute right to dispose of the contents of the invoice and the customer may only use the value of the invoice to purchase any other items or similar to the contents of the invoice.


3. The customer bears the risk of receiving the contents of the invoice if he agrees to hand it over to another person from a party and the company is not responsible for any damage, damage or shortage that may occur to the contents of the invoice after the customer receives it or his representative and signs the delivery notice.


4. The customer's receipt of the goods is tantamount to an acknowledgment from him that they are received without defects or notes, and therefore, no return or exchange is permitted. In the event that the customer finds any defects, he has the right to return it with the installation team for replacement.