Maintenance policy and after-sales services


1. The company provides a free maintenance service for a period of five years, which does not include misuse or consumption, for all wood items, provided that the use of the items mentioned by the customer is the same and the maintenance does not include unused or stored items with the customer.


2. Wooden items covered by maintenance and warranty are limited to (all kinds of bedrooms - dining of all kinds - sofa tables - TV libraries - sofa structures).


3. Maintenance and warranty does not include (glass - cloth - sponge - hinges - mirrors - accessories).


4. If the spare parts required for the maintenance are not available with the company, they will be imported directly from the supplier or from the local market, whichever is available according to the customer’s request, provided that the customer will bear their full value in addition to the shipping cost.


5. Please keep the original invoice and show it to the Global Group technician to obtain the service, knowing that after-sales service is provided only to the first beneficiary (the owner of the bill).